Be your own without any symptom of menopause

Menopause or klimacterium is a hormonal disorder manifested in a woman around the fiftith year of their age. It is not a disease as such, but its difficulties are not negligible.
The period that is characterized by the ending of fertility in a woman is a klimacterium. It is a natural stage in the development of women, when there is a attenuation in the function of the ovaries. Subsequently, the formation of the sex hormone estragon, loss of fertility, the woman suffers from insomnia, depression, frequent mood swings and reluctance to sexual intercourse with a partner.
Avoiding problems
In women, Klimacterium should be dealt with at the beginning, when the woman concerned finds some difficulties, so you can avoid more serious copmations that could possibly occur. Suitable and especially timely food supplements can help most cases of klimakterium.